Structure and Governance

IPCSA Structure

IPCSA’s structure is made up of an executive, Executive Committee and Committees.

The Executive
Chairman - Hans Rook | Portbase | Rotterdam, Netherlands
Vice-Chairman - Javier Gallardo | PORTIC | Barcelona, Spain
Secretary General - Richard Morton | IPCSA

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCo) is made up of the six Founding Members of the Association. These are:
- SOGET, Le Havre, France
- dbh, Bremen, Germany 
- DAKOSY, Hamburg, Germany
- Portic, Barcelona, Spain
- Portbase, Rotterdam, Netherlands
- MCP, Felixstowe, UK  
The Executive Committee (ExCo) is supported by regional representatives and the Chairman of PROTECT Group :
- PROTECT - Jerome Besancenot, Port of Le Havre, France
- IPCSA Europe and North America Representative (1) - Nico De Cauwer, Port of Antwerp, Belgium
- IPCSA Europe and North America Representative (2) - Gadi Benmoshe, Israel Ports Asset and Development Company, Israel
- IPCSA Asia Pacific Representative - Vineet Malhotra, Kale Logistics, India
- IPCSA West Asia Representative - To Be Advised
- IPCSA South America and Caribbean Representative - To Be Advised
- IPCSA Africa Representative - Jalal Benhayoun, Portnet, Morocco

IPCSA Working Committees

IPCSA has six areas of focus on specific issues that affect Port Community Systems, Single Windows, Sea and Air Port Authorities and their operators. 

Each area is supported by a Chairman, who supports in the development of the relevant activities and also the IPCSA Executive. Topics for committees are proposed by the IPCSA Executive, Executive Committee, Chairman of the Committee or members. Committees will meet, usually in a workshop or seminar style and as agreed with the Chairman of such Committee. Meetings are scheduled, where possible, at an IPCSA members venue and during days adjacent to the IPCSA Executive Committee.

The Committees are
- PROTECT Group (Chairman - Jerome Besancenot, Port of Le Havre, France)
- Standards and Technologies (Chairman - Nico De Cauwer, Port of Antwerp, Belgium)
- Business Applications  - (Chairman - To Be Advised)
- Customs and Other Government Agencies (Chairman - Uwe Liebschner - dbh, Germany)
- Research and Development (Chairman - To Be Advised)
- Port Community Systems Development (Chairman - Richard Morton - Secretary General, IPCSA) 
- Air-PCS/Cargo Community Systems (Chairman - Evelyn Eggers - DAKOSY)

For further information on IPCSA Committees please contact the Richard Morton,  Secretary General, IPCSA


IPCSA is a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) governed by EEC Regulation 2137/85 (The EEC Regulation) and by the laws of England. The European Port Community Systems Association EEIG Contract of Formation was signed on the 15th June 2011 with an amendment agreed by all EEIG members signed on 15th Ausgut 2014 to form IPCSA EEIG as from 1st September 2014

IPCSA EEIG Number - GE000268

IPCSA is a UK VAT Registered company - GB 135 735606