Research and Development Committee


The function of the Research Standing Committee is to monitor multidisciplinary initiatives launched by Organisations and Academic Institutions about Port Community Systems and related topics. The aim is to inform and feed IPCSA members about :

  • the findings,
  • the area of interests,
  • the trends,
  • the forecasted innovation;
  • the opportunities of business applications and development based on Research & Applied Research activities. 


The Research Standing Committee will review research projects essentially supported by the European Commission or other international organisations.  It shall also track initiatives coordinated by International and Regional Organisations and those Projects launched by publics bodies connected to Governments shall also be followed-up.

The Research Standing Committee will keep under review specific work on Port Communities done by experts & professors in:

  • port community strategy
  • port community finance & law
  • port community technology
  • corporate strategy
  • economy
  • geography

Research and Development Committee Chairman - Pascal Ollivier, SOGET

For more information contact Richard Morton, Secretary GeneraI IPCSA.