Customs and Other Government Organisations Committee


The function of the COGO Standing Committee is to consider all matters pertaining to Customs & Other Government Organisations in so far as they relate to the business and activities of Port Community System Operators.


The COGO Standing Committee shall coordinate, review and provide advice on the all aspects related to Customs & Other Government Organisations. It will;

  • define, coordinate and keep under review national, EU and International policy and other proposals that may impact upon the Association and its members.
  • consider and specify the required responses in respect of proposals and consultations emanating from national, EU and International level authorities
  • be responsible for determining questions of quality assurance in respect of the above
  • arrange for assembling, from other sources, data and information in support of the Association’s position in relation to such proposals/consultations
  • prepare upon appropriate papers for submission to the relevant authority

COGO Committee Chairman - Uwe Libschner, dbh (

For more information contact Richard Morton, Secretary GeneraI IPCSA.