Business Applications Committee


The function of the Business Application Standing Committee is to encourage and support the development and implementation of standardized Business Applications in the Port Community Systems across Europe. A close coordination with the other Standing Commitees is prerequisite for the work of this Committee.


The Business Application Standing Committee shall coordinate, review and provide advice on the all aspects related to the setting up of Business Applications. It will;

  • define, coordinate and keep under review proposals from members of the logistic sector as well as national and EU level proposals that may have impact on the development of Business Applications
  • consider and specify the required targets for Business Applications stemming out of proposals from the logistic sector / national sector / EU and other International organisations
  • be responsible for determining questions of quality assurance in respect of the above
  • arrange for assembling, from other sources, data and information from stakeholders in the segment answered by the respective Business Application
  • prepare upon appropriate papers for disseminations with regards to the development of suitable Business Applications within IPCSA.

Business Applications Committee Chairman - Evelyn Eggers, DAKOSY

For more information contact Richard Morton, Secretary GeneraI IPCSA.